Our History

In the Beginning...

Arnott Construction has a long full history spanning 90 years of business. Our company was founded in 1929 by Leonard Arnott when he was just 20 years old. In the midst of the Great Depression, his persistence and determination was evident as he built the construction business. The first contract was awarded to Leonard Arnott on July 4th 1929..

“A motion was passed, moved by Coun Noonan, seconded by Coun Gardiner, that the tender of Leonard Arnott be accepted under conditions specified for $3800, also for laying tile on Silgo St.” 

In the 1930's, based in Arthur, Ontario Leonard Arnott directed the construction company in culvert and bridge projects across central Ontario. The company officially incorporated as Arnott Construction Limited in 1954. Leonard knew the value of creating quality product and providing excellent service. He understood the value of a person and his employees. Arnott Construction had the benefit of a group insurance plan by 1954, something unheard of in the construction industry in those days. 

The Move to Collingwood...

The company was kept in the family, as the majority of the interest was acquired by Leonard’s three sons, Warren, Keith, and Wayne in 1973. In 1974 the company moved their Head Office to Collingwood, Ontario, where they continued with bridge, dam, water reservoir, water, sewer, and road infrastructure projects. Sadly in 1983, Leonard Arnott passed and his son Wayne acquired control of the company.

Relocating to Midhurst..

In 2006 the company once again relocated its Head Office to Midhurst, just north of Barrie, Ontario. Arnott Construction also maintains a regional office in Collingwood, Ontario.  The family tradition continued as Wayne’s son Todd Arnott, and Nigel Shaw acquired control of the company in 2007 and share present leadership of Arnott Construction.

Where We Are Today...

 Today you will see the company engaged primarily in sewer, water, and road construction projects all across Simcoe County and beyond. Throughout our 90 years of business, Arnott Construction has been recognized for quality of construction and continues to grow.